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Impartif Corp
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About us

Our Name:
Our name is derived from the Latin word impertio:

impertio -ire [to impart, to give a person a share in; to share a thing with a person , bestow].

As our flagship product, UPD8:Appliance™, is an automated system to transfer information from a product vendor, to a group of end-user computers, we thought this name was appropriate and representative of our mission.

Our Mission:
Impartif Corp will continue to be the leading provider of software that automates the process of communicating critical information, and automates the process of obtaining updates by providing innovative, technically-excellent software, at cost-effective prices.  We will strive to anticipate and exceed our customers' expectations in all areas, including customer service, product quality, professional services, technical support, training, and overall financial value.  

At Impartif, all internal processes, systems, policies, and decision making starts with the question: How can we improve to serve our customers better?  We hope this customer-centric approach is evident in all we do, from the simplest of communications, to the most complex Professional Services engagements.  We hold that Impartif only exists to provide value to our customers over time.  We view each sale, as the beginning, not the end, of a relationship.

Company Profile:
Impartif was founded with the idea of automating one of the most significantly neglected areas of the computer software industry.  The company's flagship product, UPD8:Appliance, was originally created in 1995 by Eric Heflin and was the first commercially available, general purpose, automatic software update utility.  It has been enhanced over time and is a proven enterprise-class application.

Today, Eric Heflin and Sam Edge are the principles of Impartif and continue to stand by the principals of creating quality products, establishing long-term customer relationships, continuous improvement, and providing a provable ROI (Return on Investment).  Sam and Eric have been involved in creating solutions for NASA, Novell, WordPerfect, VISA Intnl, KPMG US, Network Appliance, Baker McKenzie, ABN Amro, Affina, LEXIS-NEXIS, Thomson Publishers (US and Australia), Wolters Kluver, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), Intel, The Office of the President of the United States, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, Motorola, The Supreme Court of Mexico, KPMG Brazil, J. Paul Getty Museum, The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the U.S. Air Force, American Semiconductor Manufacturing (ASM) - America, the Library of Congress, MGE UPS Systems, Commerce Clearing House (CCH) - Chicago, Carswell Publishers - Canada, ADIS International, West Publishing, Delta Airlines, American Library Association, IBM Consulting, LDS Church, and many others.

Founder Bios:
Eric Heflin, Founder/CTO/President: Mr. Heflin is an aggressive visionary and inventor.  He founded his first company, Knowledge Dynamics Corp, while in college.  At Knowledge Dynamics, where he acted as Chief Technical Officer and President, Mr. Heflin conceived of and brought 23 successful products to market, including wINSTALL®, which was installed on approximately 35 million computers in 65 countries.  Next, Mr. Heflin assumed the role of VP of Corporate Sales at a small software consulting firm, Complete Data Solutions, that was ultimately purchased by NextPage.  While at CDS, his responsibilities included a dual role of Sales/Business Development and directly managing the entire team of Consulting Engineers.  At NextPage Mr. Heflin became a Director of Business Development for the Professional Services division focusing on large-scale corporate and commercial publisher implementations.  Education: B.S. in Computer Science from Texas A&M University, 1987.  Publications: Integration of Free Form Text and Relational Databases, Data Compression Techniques and Applications.  At impartif, Mr. Heflin focus on daily operations, sales, and technology strategic planning.

Samuel Edge, Founder/VP Engineering: Mr. Edge is a proven technical leader who has significant experience in the creation of Software Products and Professional Services solutions.  He was the Sr. Software Architect in charge of designing and implementing the security models for Novell GroupWise, WordPerfect InForms, and Folio Views.  Most recently, Mr. Edge has acted as a Sr. Software Architect for NextPage Professional Services, where he lead Client engagements for many successful, enterprise-scale, mission critical, projects.  Education:  B.S. in Computer Science from Brigham Young University, 1991. Publications: Three introductory books on computer programming.  At impartif, Mr. Edge focuses on design and implementation of the company's software products.


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