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Automatic Software Updating

Staying "Closer" To Your Customers

Today, your products are effectively obsolete as soon as they are shipped due to bug fixes, new features, and other updated content.  Plus, you have critical information that you need to get into the hands of your end-users without delay.  Tomorrow, with UPD8:Appliance™, you can simultaneously: 

Reduce tech support costs due to bug fixes and feature requests
Increase customer satisfaction by 'pushing' updates to them proactively
Reduce or eliminate shipping costs for updates by sending physical updates less frequently
Potentially reduce legal liability due to software defects
Generate new revenue from offering a premium subscription service
Quickly communicate critical information to your users (security issues, bug fixes, new versions, etc.)

And you can do all of the above, at the same time!  How many products simultaneously reduce your costs AND increase your customer satisfaction?  Not many.

Right now, if your firm is like most firms, when your software-product or content-based-product is updated, you probably rely on a combination of e-mail (which may be flagged as junk-e-mail), update notice postcards (probably thrown away by the mail room), or shipping physical updates (hugely expensive) to keep your end-users current.  There is a better way!  With UPD8:Appliance, you can bypass all of these problems.  UPD8:Appliance provides a conduit whereby you can directly communicate with the end-users of your product.  Each time they run your product, or on a scheduled interval, UPD8Appliance displays critical messages sent by you, and can automatically download and install your updates.  The only way to be "closer" to your end-users would be if you personally visited them, told them about the new update, and then installed it.

Getting Started:
To get started, simply read our on-line quick start guide to determine if UPD8:Appliance is for you.  If you think it fits your needs, we offer several ways to get started.  A typical initial deployment of UPD8:Appliance can be accomplished in as few as several hours.


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