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The Challenge
As a Sales organization, you face a number of unique challenges.  Your people are on the "front lines" every day, with the single mission of presenting your product line accurately, and compellingly to an increasingly sophisticated buying community.  Often, your customers are trained in negotiation techniques, and have researched each of your competitors before even contacting you.  And, your products are complex.  The end-result: you need every possible advantage in order to close the deal.  Your inside or outside field sales force needs update-to-date, and accurate, marketing materials, sales illustrations, demos, white papers, ROI calculators, pricing guides, sample proposals, competitive analysis, case studies, contract templates, and more.  But getting these updated sales tools to your field sales force is problematic, to say the least.

To make matters more grave, in many industries, such as Life Insurance and Financial Services, you may be subject to Federal Regulatory Compliance requirements, which result in potential legal liability associated with not getting information in the hands of your field sales force in a timely manner.  With UPD8:Integrator™, you can even tie update reporting to your databases and generate reports about agents that are not getting updates in a timely manner.

In addition, you can also configure UPD8:Appliance™ to provide an e-mail alert to a designated person (like an Account Executive) when a product is uninstalled so your organization can do any appropriate follow-up.

The Solution
The UPD8:Appliance product line can help eliminate the bottle neck you are probably experiencing in getting the latest version of your electronic sales tools out and into the hands of the very people the materials were created for.

Cost Justification
If UPD8:Appliance prevented even a single lost sale based on misinformation to the prospect due to obsolete pricing or technical information, wouldn't that justify the investment?

This product is licensed for a very small fee per UPD8:Client™ CPU.  You may deploy it on as many servers as desired, for increased performance, with no additional fee.

Specifications :

Script driven, allows for flexible deployment options
Works as a Windows taskbar item or service
Compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, and XP
Can update itself, as well as most software, and data
Can run PERL scripts, leading install programs
Can run WinZIP self-extracting programs
Can call most programs, including C++, VB, Java, and more
For a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) Detailed Spec Sheet, Click Here

Pricing :

Description SKU # Price
option 1 sku-1 100
option 2 sku-2 200
option 3 sku-3 300

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