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impartif provides a number of versions and optional modules for RoboUPDATE.  If you have any questions about which configuration may be best for your exact situation, please fell free to contact us, and we'll be glad to help you select the right combination.



This product is a master copy of the software that will be installed on each end-user's computer. You will typically install a preconfigured version along with your software product.  The RoboUPDATE - Client is the software that actually runs on each end-user's computer and automatically checks for updates to your software and content on an interval (every day, every hour, every month) that you determine.

You will need to purchase at least one copy of RoboUPDATE - Client.

This product is optional, and is used if you don't want to use a standard FTP (File Transferr Protocol) server due to security, scalability, or performance issues

This product is optional.

RoboUPDATE:Enterprise Edition Server
This product provides all of the capabilities of RoboUPDATE server plus the ability to integrate with your existing back office systems including your existing directory service (for authenticating and authorizing users), database (typically used for serial number / valid support plan lookup), and ERP (for tracking downloads).  Uses a J2EE architecture for industry standard support, and provides clustering for massive scalability.

RoboUPDATE:Proxy Cache Server
This product is for organizations that have a large number of RoboUPDATE:Clients that are simultaneously updating from a 3rd party RoboUPDATE:Server or RoboUPDATE:Advanced Server.

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